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3 ROW LIPS blades NEW

NEW NEW NEW This is the best LIPS blade for Shading- Microblading Manuel Multi Touch Technique 🔥 IMPORTANT 🔥 FITS ONLY IN BLACK & SILVER LIPS HOLDER !! TRY NOW Sterile package
€5,90 exkl moms €3,90 exkl moms

CORAL 10ml

€40,00 exkl moms €21,90 exkl moms


LIPS COMBO ONLINE COURSE include: - Online book - Online class with master, 45 minutes - Online Certificate The course can be in English, Swedish and Serbian free of charge. For all other languages you can provide translator, or we can provide for additional 50 eur.
€500,00 exkl moms €250,00 exkl moms

PINK 10ml

€40,00 exkl moms €21,00 exkl moms

RUBIN 10ml

€40,00 exkl moms €21,00 exkl moms