den 21 juli 2019

Before applying the numbing product Remove all make up thoroughly by using normal make up removal procedures. Remove all make-up from the face. Once you have removed all make-up, apply an appropriate non flammable antiseptic on a clean cotton pad and gently rub the area you are going to treat with the electrical arcing device (The upper eyelids). Like with most other aesthetic treatments, it is possible to perform eyelid tightening using Plasma-Ion without applying any numbing products. However most clients have a low pain threshold, therefore if the area is not numbed properly, eyelid tightening can become a very unpleasant experience for both to the client and the beauty therapist. The unpleasantness of the treatment, may prevent the client from undergoing further sessions due to the discomfort caused by the previous treatment. Also, when the client has an unpleasant experience, it becomes much harder for the beauty therapist, to perform the treatment correctly. This is all easily resolved by using the appropriate numbing product correctly before beginning the treatment. A very common topical numbing product available on the market, in most parts of Europe, including the UK is EMLA. (EMLA is available in 5% formulations ). This is a product which can be purchased and used without a medical prescription. Because of this, EMLA is also the preferred numbing product used by tattoo artists for tattooing and performing body piercings. EMLA is used by applying the cream on the eyelids and covering the cream with a normal cling film. The same that can be purchased from any supermarket. The cling film is applied in order to cause an occlusion effect which will amplify the effects of the numbing ingredients of the EMLA numbing cream. The area is then left to rest for approximately 40 to 45 minutes in order to achieve the desired numbing effects. Unfortunately, EMLA formulation requires a relative long wait in order to become effective and it is not generally very effective if a cling film is not applied on top of the cream. If you attempt to start the aesthetic treatment before the 40 minutes the area will likely not be numb enough, in order to carry out the aesthetic treatment in ease and comfort. Additionally the topical effects of the EMLA formulation end within 5 to 10 minutes from the time the cling film is removed and the EMLA residues wiped off. Therefore the window of time while you can perform the treatment in comfort is relatively brief.

Whenever you start the treatment on the client remember to remove the topical anaesthetic on a small area. The common mistake made by beginners is to remove all the numbing product at once. For example if the topical anaesthetic has been placed on both upper eyelids, the untrained beginner usually removes the cream on both eyelids before starting the treatment. The main problem is that the effect of most topical numbing products do not last long (in case of EMLA only 5 to 10 minutes at most). Therefore the effect of the topical anaesthetic could start to fade before the end of the treatment making the procedure cumbersome. Therefore is advisable to remove any type of topical numbing product in small patches while you carry out the Plasma-Ion treatment. This will ensure that the area you will be treating is still numb, ensuring maximum comfort to your client and ease of operation to the beauty therapist.For eyelid tightening and similar skin tightening procedures, using Plasma-Ion, the use of local injectable anaesthetics must be avoided even if the beauty practitioner is authorised to use them.

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