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BORDO 10ml

426,00 kr excl tax 319,50 kr excl tax
25% off

Color for practice 10 ml

Color for practice 10 ml is formula intended exclusively for practice. WARNING: DO NOT USE ON SKIN!!!
106,50 kr excl tax 90,52 kr excl tax
15% off


426,00 kr excl tax 319,50 kr excl tax
25% off

LADY 10ml

De Colors - Lady Beautiful color for light brown hair. Permanent MakeUp - Machine & Microblading Pigment 10ml
415,35 kr excl tax 319,50 kr excl tax
24% off

Microblading U 18 Blades

This fine Microblading blade is perfect for drawing curvy hairs. VERY POPULAR Sterilized by EO Gas. Disposable(for single use only) . ISO9002 and CE marked. Fully disposable accessories provide hygienic environment and safe application. Single use only
10,65 kr excl tax 7,46 kr excl tax
30% off

PINK 10ml

426,00 kr excl tax 223,65 kr excl tax
48% off

Professional Machine

3D Professional Machine can be used for PMU, BB Glow and face treatment-Microneedling. Wireless rechargeable Machine, with long lasting battery. Beautiful design and light weight perfect and comfortable for use. The best machine for Powder & Combo brows. Warranty 1 year
3 195,00 kr excl tax 2 662,50 kr excl tax
17% off


This great product from USA 🇺🇸 is used for making pigments more liquid and suitable for machine PMU work, especially when you do Powder Eyebrows to get nice pixels.
159,75 kr excl tax 105,44 kr excl tax
34% off