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Golden Eyebrows Divider

This very popular divider is using for Eyebrows Shape according to the golden number 1.618. Stainless steel material It can be used when creating proper sized drawings. Adjustable size allows it to measure various kinds of eyebrows and paint the most suitable eyebrow shape. Easy to carry.
479,25 kr excl tax 213,00 kr excl tax
56% off

Shape Ruler

This is maybe the easiest way to make perfect Eyebrows symmetry . We love this cheap rollers ❤️ Mini size, portable design, great traveling companion.
21,30 kr excl tax 10,65 kr excl tax
50% off

Eyebrows Pencil BROWN

Mineral pencil for easy shape drawing popular for all skin types , except dark skin.
31,95 kr excl tax 20,24 kr excl tax
37% off

Lipliner Pencil

21,30 kr excl tax

Practising Latex

Realistic,similar with real human skin feeling.
31,95 kr excl tax 15,98 kr excl tax
50% off

Pigment Ring

4,26 kr excl tax 3,20 kr excl tax
25% off