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1 ROW Eyeliner blades NEW

NEW NEW NEW This is the best Eyeliner blade for Microblading Manuel Multi Touch Technique, fits in normal holder. TRY NOW Sterile package
21,30 kr exkl. Steuer 10,65 kr exkl. Steuer
50% Rabatt

3 ROW LIPS blades NEW

NEW NEW NEW This is the best LIPS blade for Shading- Microblading Manuel Multi Touch Technique 🔥 IMPORTANT 🔥 FITS ONLY IN BLACK & SILVER LIPS HOLDER !! TRY NOW Sterile package
62,84 kr exkl. Steuer 41,54 kr exkl. Steuer
34% Rabatt


All you need for natural PMU lips treatments. We prepare for you this beautiful colors for lips that you can also MIX and have 100% natural look, they are bright and powerful. GERMAN MADE ORGANIC ANIMAL FRIENDLY
1 278,00 kr exkl. Steuer 841,35 kr exkl. Steuer
35% Rabatt