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3D Professional Machine

3D Professional Machine can be used for PMU, BB Glow and face treatment-Microneedling. Wireless rechargeable Machine, with long lasting battery. Beautiful design and light weight perfect and comfortable for use. The best machine for Powder & Combo brows. Warranty 1 year
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7 COLORS Eyebrows KIT - Microblading & PMU pigments

With this SPECIAL ACTION YOU CAN HAVE ALL COLORS FOR PROFESSIONAL (Microblading & PMU) ARTIST. FREE SHIPPING 100% VEGAN. 100% WITHOUT ANIMAL TESTING.HIGHLY PIGMENTED COLOURS / WITHOUT COMPROMISES 🇮🇹 • Elevata densità di pigmento • Dimensione delle particelle circa 0,2 - 0,4 μm • Distribuzione granulometrica ottimale • Struttura omogenea e cremosa • Solidità alla luce • Stabilità del colore • Privo di conservanti • Tutti i colori PMMI possono essere mescolati tra loro. • Disponibile in 10 ml 🇩🇪 • Erhöhte Pigmentdichte • Partikelgröße ca. 0,2 – 0,4 μm • Optimale Partikelgrößenverteilung • Homogene und cremige Textur • Lichtecht • Farbstabil • Frei von Konservierungsmitteln • Alle PMMI- Farben sind miteinander mischbar • Erhältlich in 10 ml 🇺🇸 • Higher pigment density • Particle size approx. 0,2 – 0,4 μm • Optimal particle size distribution • Homogeneous and creamy texture • Light-fast • Colour stable • Free of preservatives • All PMMI colours can be mixed freely among each other • Available in 10 ml 🇷🇺 • Высокая плотность пигмента • Размер частиц пигмента ~ 0,2 – 0,4 μm • Оптимальное распределение частиц пигмента • Гомогенная кремообразная консистенция • Высокая световая и цветовая устойчивость • Без консервантов • Возможность все краски PMMI смешивать между собой • Предлагается в 10 мл
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AMAZING AFTERCARE CREAM FOR ALL PMU & MICROBLADING AND PLASMA TREATMENTS. With golden cream healing proces is from 3/5 days 💥 you can recommend to your clients and take them more money than you pay. The cream advanced freezing stability method derived from natural herbs, 12 kinds of plant essence connotation, the purity is high.To relieve skin discomfort and keep skin healthy, the fast repair damaged skin, can achieve the deep skin repair. With your fingers gently press the product, with cotton stick a several times a day. DERMA TESTED SAFE AND STERILE PRODUCTS
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Microblading U 18 Blades

This fine Microblading blade is perfect for drawing curvy hairs. VERY POPULAR Sterilized by EO Gas. Disposable(for single use only) . ISO9002 and CE marked. Fully disposable accessories provide hygienic environment and safe application. Single use only
10,65 kr exkl. Steuer 7,46 kr exkl. Steuer
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