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Perfect for Powder Eyebrows, COMBO Brows, Eyeliner and lips outline.
€3,00 exkl. Steuer €2,50 exkl. Steuer


€40,00 exkl. Steuer €21,90 exkl. Steuer

POWDER BROWS online course

POWDER BROWS online course is great opportunity to learn new technique from your home. Course include: 45 minutes online class with Master Certificate Cours can be on English, Swedish and Serbian free of charge. Spanish, Italian and German are additional 50€.
€500,00 exkl. Steuer €250,00 exkl. Steuer

Professional Machine

3D Professional Machine can be used for PMU, BB Glow and face treatment-Microneedling. Wireless rechargeable Machine, with long lasting battery. Beautiful design and light weight perfect and comfortable for use. The best machine for Powder & Combo brows. Warranty 1 year
€300,00 exkl. Steuer €250,00 exkl. Steuer


This great product from USA 🇺🇸 is used for making pigments more liquid and suitable for machine PMU work, especially when you do Powder Eyebrows to get nice pixels.
€15,00 exkl. Steuer €9,90 exkl. Steuer