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Plasma Ion

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Plasma Pen needles (10 pcs)

Single use only, fits in all Plasma Ion & Plasma Pen Machine
€9,00 exkl. Steuer €6,50 exkl. Steuer
28% Rabatt

Plasma Pen-Thick needles

Plasma Ion & Plasma Pen needles for single use
€5,00 exkl. Steuer €2,90 exkl. Steuer
42% Rabatt


The Starter Kit contains: Plasma-Ion Pen - 25 thinner needles - 5 big needles - 2 connect parts As a new procedure in service of your beauty and health, Plasma Ion is a non-invasive method of lifting the sagging eyelids and smoothing out fine wrinkles around your lips, on the forehead and other parts of the face which show a significant loss in elasticity. It is also the most elegant way to remove warts. The Plasma-Ion method is also used in removing permanent make up, scars, moles, stretch marks, etc. Plasma-Ion is a non-aggressive, non-surgical method for skin tightening. The main part is played by the plasma arc flash i.e. electrostatic discharge which is produced at the very tip of the Plasma-Ion pen. In contact with the skin, the plasma arc flash forms a micro-spot on the skin which leads to skin tightening with long-terms results.
€195,00 exkl. Steuer €125,00 exkl. Steuer
26% Rabatt