Anesthesia -Sonntag, 21. Juli 2019
How to put and what is important before applying the numbing product - Anesthesia
What is Plasma Ion-Pen treatments ? -Samstag, 20. Juli 2019
New step in the world of beauty and health, Plasma ion is non-invasive method for lifting eyelids and tightening the wrinkles in lips area, on the forehead and other parts of face which lose elasticity. It is also the most elegant method for warts removal. Plasma-Ion is also used in the removal of permanent makeup, scars, moles, stretch. Plasma-Ion is nonaggressive, non-surgucal method of skin tightening, where the most important role has plasma flash, or electrostatic discharge, which is produced on the very top of Plasma Ion. In contact with skin, plasma flash forms micro point on the skin which leads to skin tightening with long lasting result. In our shop you can buy Plasma Ion-Pen Kit and all needles that you need we have CE European Certification that we do in Germany. We have special discount for educators.