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DeColors - Natural Rose We recommend this pigment for mixing with Royal and Rose and you will see what beautiful light tones you will get. Also is very good MUCH BETTER than WHITE for 3D lips. PMU & Microblading Pigment 10ml
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Lieferdatum: Sweden 1-3 days, Germany 5-7 days, Italy, Spain and other countries 10-15 days

Permanent MakeUp- Machine & Microblading Pigment

  • Organic, free of ferric oxide colors
  • Vivid and brilliant colors
  • Wide color range
  • High pigment density guaranties quick working with less reworking
  • Exceptional light fastness and color stability
  • Optimal particle size distribution for a maximum pigment incorporation by the skin
  • Homogeneous and creamy texture facilitates precise working
  • All PMCO- colors can be mixed freely among each other
  • The alcohol free formulation minimizes the burning sensation during the application
  • Packaging sizes 10ml
  • Made in 🇩🇪 Germany 

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